Peer-reviewed publications

Ramanathan, Kumar. “From Civil Rights to Social Policy: The Political Development of Family and Medical Leave Policy.” Studies in American Political Development, FirstView (2021): 1-21. doi:10.1017/S0898588X21000018 [ungated]

Masuoka, Natalie, Kumar Ramanathan, and Jane Junn. “New Asian American Voters: Political Incorporation and Participation in 2016.” Political Research Quarterly 72, no. 4 (2019): 991-1003. doi:10.1177/1065912919843342

Public scholarship

3Streams blog

Chicago Democracy Project

LSE United States Politics and Policy blog

Political Science Now

I wrote eight public-facing summaries of American Political Science Review research articles for PoliticalScienceNow.com, through the American Political Science Association’s Public Scholarship Program. You can find these pieces here.

Other Writing

APSA Educate blog


Prior to graduate school, I dabbled in political journalism. You can find this early work at the Somerville Journal, ThinkProgress, the Tufts Observer, and the Tufts Daily.