My teaching portfolio, including summarized evaluations and sample syllabi, is available here.


Instructor of record, Northwestern University

  • Field Studies in Social Justice, Winter 2020 (syllabus) (evaluations)
  • Brady Scholars Program: The Civically Engaged Life, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021

Teaching assistant, Northwestern University

  • Congress and the Legislative Process, Spring 2020
  • Institutions, Rules, & Models in Social Science, Winter 2019 (evaluations)
  • Urban Politics, Fall 2018 (evaluations)
  • Studying Public Opinion, Spring 2018 (evaluations)

Teaching assistant, Tufts University

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics, Spring 2016 (evaluations)
  • Introduction to American Politics, Fall 2015

Guest lecture

  • Guest lecture on “Social Policy and Inequality”, Introduction to American Politics, Northwestern University, November 2019


Data science workshops, Political Science Department, Northwestern University

  • “Teaching R in the classroom” (for graduate students), May 2021 (materials)
  • “Introduction to data visualization using ggplot and RStudio” (for graduate and undergraduate students), March 2020 (evaluations)
  • “Introduction to R for social science data analysis” (for undergraduate research assistants), July 2019
  • “Intermediate R for social scientists” (for graduate students), December 2018 (evaluations)
  • “Introduction to R for social science data analysis” (for graduate students), July 2018

Data science workshops, Masters of Science in Analytics Program, Northwestern University

Research methods and practice workshops, Northwestern University

  • “Using a citation manager for research and writing” (focused on Zotero), BRIDGE program social science course, August 2019

Pedagogical workshops, Searle Center for Teaching & Learning, Northwestern University

  • “Reading with Empathy: Encouraging Student Writing through Constructive Feedback”, New TA Conference, September 2019
  • “Establishing the TA-Professor Relationship”, New TA Conference, September 2019

Civic engagement workshops, Center for Civic Engagement, Northwestern University

  • “What’s on your ballot?” (for graduate students), October 2020
  • “Orientation to Rogers Park” (for undergraduate students), Jumpstart Corps training program, October 2020
  • “Introduction to Chicago” (for graduate students), New Student Orientation, September 2020