research projects

Political Development of Family and Medical Leave Policy, Ongoing

Independent research project tracing the political development of family and medical leave policy in the United States.

Conference presentations:

From Civil Rights to Social Policy: The Political Development of Family and Medical Leave Policy in the United States, 1964-93. Paper presented at Social Science History Association Conference, Montreal, Canada, November 2017.

Criminal justice policy frames and white public opinion, ongoing, Northwestern University

Joint research project with Denzel Avant and Brianna White, examining the impact of knowledge about racial disparities on support for criminal justice policies among whites.

Paid Family and Medical Leave, ongoing, Tufts University

Research assistant for Professors Natalie Masuoka and Elizabeth Remick. Project examining state variation in family and medical leave policies, determinants thereof, and differential impact of leave policy models on marginalized groups.

Measuring Asian American and Latino racial attitudes, Spring 2015, Tufts University

Research assistant for Professor Natalie Masuoka. Conducted focus groups and interviews to construct survey questions designed to examine racial attitudes among Asian Americans and Latinos.

teaching experience

Teaching Assistant, Tufts University

Introduction to Comparative Politics, 3 sections, Prof Oxana Shevel, Spring 2016 (course evaluations)

Introduction to American Politics, 2 sections, Prof Natalie Masuoka, Fall 2015